“These pies are made and frozen fresh. The directions are easy and the pies are wonderful. I actually have people who order multiple pies due the outstanding quality!!”

Tracey Norris - 8th grade class advisor, IHGMS

“We are always looking for new or creative ways to raise money for our college softball program. We were fortune enough to find Patriot Fund Raising and their Dad's Dynamite Pies. Our first year sales of these pies we sold over 100 pies in 2 weeks. It was effortless and customers looked at it as a time saver around the holidays. This year, in our second year of sales, our sales went up. Our customers from the year before came back adding more pies to their order as they loved the taste and ease of the product. Patriot Fund Raising was accommodating, timely, and professional to deal with which made the fundraising process even easier. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Patriot Fund Raising to keep money in our program and our customers with full bellies.”

Kat McKay - UMaine at Farmington Softball Program

“These pies taste great and are a fun way to raise money while saving people time during the holiday season. Thanks Patriot Fund Raising.”

Audrey Chapman - Montello Elementary

“Living Waters Christian School Parent Teacher Fellowship had a Dad's Dynamite Pie Thanksgiving fundraiser in November, it was a huge success and Patriot Fundraising made it so easy to do! We are looking forward to having another next year!”


“This pie sale was a fun, easy and tasty way for my church youth group to raise money. My students were excited to sell pies to family and friends because the company gave us a couple of sample pies and they trusted the product. People in our church and community were happy to support a great cause with the added bonus of delicious pies. We're already working on planning our pie sale for next Thanksgiving!"

Amanda Lawton - South Portland Church of the Nazarene

“We've been running the pie sale for the past five years and it has grown every year. Our parents look forward to the pie sale and rely on them for the holidays. They are delicious, convenient and we love the fact that they're made right here in Maine!”

Denise Levesque - St. Michael School

We were looking for a school fundraiser but didn't want to ask our students or families to sell "stuff" ... and pies made in Maine just before Thanksgiving and the holiday season were a perfect fit! We've far surpassed our fundraising goals each year, people are always telling us how delicious the pies are, and Patriot Fundraising has worked hard to support us every step of the way.

Becky Wilkoff - Parent Volunteer and pie sale coordinator for Brunswick Junior High School